Should debt collectors be excluded from the new robocall rules?

Long after consumers have cried out for the Federal Communications Commission to step up to the plate and do something about the harassing robocalls, FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai has proposed a ruling which would allow phone companies to block unwanted solicitation phone calls to customers. The proposal goes even a step further by allowing customers […]

How soon can a collection agency sue a debtor?

Collection agencies can be a bit ambitious when they collect a debt. Especially when they act faster than they should and rush a lawsuit against a debtor without allowing the 30 day right to request validation to run out. When a collection agency receives an account to collect, they are to mail a dunning notice, […]

Experian helps give consumers a score boost

What to be wary of Experian and FICO have implemented new metrics for calculating consumer credit scores. The idea is to help consumers raise their score and increase their ability to take out loans on a more conventional means. One of the new platforms Experian is rolling out is called “Experian Boost”. Boost allows consumers […]

What debt is collectible after your death

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, sixty-eight percent of consumers have debt collectors who call them attempting to collect debt from a deceased family member. In most circumstances, upon the death of the debtor, the debt is not collectable and cannot be passed down, around, up or sideways to family members or friends.  The […]

Equifax to pay up to $700 million in data breach settlement

In 2017, nearly 150 million consumers had their personal information stolen when intruders hacked into Equifax’s system. Consumer’s personal data such as social security numbers, passport information, account numbers and credit card numbers were stolen. According to AP News Equifax claims they “were unaware” of the vulnerability in their system. However; after the glitch was […]