Visa Issues Security Alert

Visa’s payment fraud protection found two breaches in the U.S. at gas stations.The exact locations where the breaches took place are not specified. According to Visa, “the threat actors successfully compromised the merchant’s network through a phishing email that contained a malicious attachment”. Visa is now pushing for fuel dispenser merchants to upgrade their technology […]

Are you sure you owe that collection agency?

Some consumers may easily believe banks have our backs and will always look out for our best interest. Then there are the consumers who are a tad more realistic and know banks can be trusted as far as we can spit.  In 2016, Wells Fargo was fined $185 million for fraudulently opening checking and saving […]

The Validation Notice – Conspicuous Disclosure

Collection agencies will try to get away with anything they can to collect a debt. One tactic commonly used by collection agencies are not to mail the required notice to the debtor advising them of their rights on the alleged debt. The first notice collection agencies are required by law to mail is called a […]

Debt collectors in Memphis settle with FTC concerning multiple federal law violations

A collection agency in Memphis Tennessee Regional Adjustment Bureau is set to pay $ 1.5 million in civil penalties to the Federal Trade Commission for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  According to the report from the Federal Trade Commission:  In its complaint against Regional Adjustment Bureau, the FTC charges that the Memphis-based […]