Is the Recovery Stalling Out? Some Data May Suggest That it Is

The economy may be struggling to gain traction as the pandemic shows little sign of ending, according to data released by JPMorgan Chase. CNBC reports that the data shows spending has leveled off at about 10 percent below its’ 2019 levels for more than a month. The data includes use of both credit and debit […]

Fannie and Freddie Try to Minimize Their Risk in the Housing Market

The two major government mortgage companies … Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae … have announced that they are imposing a new fee to protect themselves from losses on refinanced mortgages. The move is seen as a sign of possible volatility in the housing market. The Wall Street Journal reports that the lenders said late Wednesday […]

Unemployed? You May Owe Income Taxes to the IRS Next Year

If you were furloughed or laid off due to the Coronavirus, and you’re one of the millions receiving unemployment benefits, you may wind up owing income taxes next year. Fox Business reports that the federal government counts unemployment benefits as regular income, and taxes it accordingly. But they don’t do what most businesses do and […]

Covid-19 Scams Have Cost Americans Nearly $100 Million

Scams related to the Covid-19 pandemic have cost Americans nearly $100 million, according to data released by the consumer group Reuters reports that the scams have ranged from identity theft to fake promises of government stimulus checks. Victims are often solicited through “robocalls”, texts or emails that try to convince people to reveal personal […]