The Validation Notice – Conspicuous Disclosure

Collection agencies will try to get away with anything they can to collect a debt. One tactic commonly used by collection agencies are not to mail the required notice to the debtor advising them of their rights on the alleged debt. The first notice collection agencies are required by law to mail is called a […]

Statute of Limitations Per State

Below is a list of states with the amount of time that a creditor has to collect an unpaid; legitimate, debt. The statute of limitations goes according to either date of last payment or the date the account was opened – whichever is the most recent. Nothing more. Creditors and the credit reporting agencies often […]

What debt is collectible after your death

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, sixty-eight percent of consumers have debt collectors who call them attempting to collect debt from a deceased family member. In most circumstances, upon the death of the debtor, the debt is not collectable and cannot be passed down, around, up or sideways to family members or friends.  The […]