Mortgages and COVID-19

We can only guess how many of you may have attempted to contact your mortgage companies regarding your payment, only to get a busy signal or if you are lucky, a six hour hold time. If you are not able to get a hold of your mortgage company, go to their website to see what […]

Visa Issues Security Alert

Visa’s payment fraud protection found two breaches in the U.S. at gas stations.The exact locations where the breaches took place are not specified. According to Visa, “the threat actors successfully compromised the merchant’s network through a phishing email that contained a malicious attachment”. Visa is now pushing for fuel dispenser merchants to upgrade their technology […]

Should debt collectors be excluded from the new robocall rules?

Long after consumers have cried out for the Federal Communications Commission to step up to the plate and do something about the harassing robocalls, FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai has proposed a ruling which would allow phone companies to block unwanted solicitation phone calls to customers. The proposal goes even a step further by allowing customers […]