Collection Agency Harasses 100-Year-Old Couple Over Cable Bill

A collection agency went after a couple of senior citizens for an overdue cable bill after they moved out of their house to a nursing home in February.

Shortly after they moved into the nursing home, the 100-year-old Cranston, RI couple both contracted COVID-19. Their health went downhill quickly, according to television station WJAR.

The couple owed a $419 bill to Cox media for cable services at their home before they moved to the nursing facility. It was sent to a collection agency, which began to dun the couple. Bill Caldarone contacted his son Rich in Hawaii, who began to call the bill collector, Radius Global Solutions. But he got nowhere. The collection agency wanted to speak directly to Bill, who unfortunately had since passed away.

The family eventually contacted the television station, which intervened with Cox on behalf of the family.

According to the report, most companies have waived a variety of late fees due to COVID-19, and Cox is offering payment options through June. In addition, the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission has instructed its public utilities to halt certain collections through the month of May.

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