Collection Agency loses lawsuit filed by Ohio Attorney General

Some states Attorney General’s work FOR consumers when collection agencies fail to comply with the laws. According to, the Ohio Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against “Advanced Capital Solutions” for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). 

The lawsuit was filed by a Washington State consumer who said the collector left a voicemail at her place of employment stating “their client was seeking a decision on how to move forward with collection of a debt”. The consumer quickly contacted an attorney who filed a lawsuit against the collector themself and the collection agency for violations under the FDCPA including:

  1. The collector failing to identify himself during the communications
  2. Contacted the consumer after they had legal representation
  3. Discussed the debt with others not listed on the debt

The court found for the consumer and ordered the collection agency to pay a total of $4210, including the consumer’s legal fees. 

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