Look Out for Credit Card Scams Using Text Messages

A new credit card scam has surfaced in which you might receive a text message saying your credit or debit card has been locked. Don’t believe it.

The scam has surfaced in Louisiana, but if it’s there, it could pop up anywhere. Television station WVLT reports that the scam is under investigation by the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office. Several residents of the Parish received a message saying they needed to dial a number to unlock their cards.

But deputies said that when the number is called, the caller is asked to give sensitive card information. It’s a classic phishing scam.

After dialing a number in the original text message, the caller receives another text asking the person to type in the credit card information.

In the Louisiana scam, the text message comes from a coded number and says it’s from Capital One. And you know that if the perps are successful in getting some credit card numbers in Louisiana, the scam could quickly spread.

The bottom line on this one is, if you receive such a text message, and you’re the least bit suspicious, delete the text. If you think there may actually be an issue with your credit or debit card, contact your bank or issuer … but YOU initiate the call.

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