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Here at your850, we know that it takes more than inundating the credit reporting agencies with letters to accurately, correctly and permanently clean inaccurate items reported on your consumer credit report. We have a team of credit professionals who have been in the collection and credit industry for over 30 years who have created a process using the Consumer Credit Code to help consumers fight back against the credit reporting agencies, debt collectors, and creditors.


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Joey Scharf
Joey Scharf
Consumer Advocate & Product Strategist
Credit expert, all-around relentless consumer advocate and champion for those damaged by the credit industry as a whole.

I come from a background and belief that people should stand up and defend those in need and those who have been wronged. I also am a believer that God puts you where He wants you. I believe it is these two things that brought me to where I am at today.

After several years of being a third-party debt collector, and violating the laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act against consumers, I decided to take the other side and work on behalf of consumers instead of against them.

I became a consumer advocate for people who were being inundated by collection agencies collecting debt that was illegitimate, past the statute of limitation, or in question in some way. I fought for those who were dealing with their banks or credit card companies.

Today, I am working with your850 to advocate for consumers who have nowhere else to turn or do not have thousands of dollars to pay an attorney. your850 is a credit repair company like no other. We do not work by overwhelming the credit reporting agencies hoping an account falls off as this is only temporary, and the debt is always still due. We do more than just send a cease and desist letter to the collection agencies. I am proud to say we thoroughly work the account in question. We are not done with our customers credit until we receive letters from the creditors themselves.

In short, yes; we do credit repair. However; it is credit repair to a much deeper level.

I love what I do. I love the ability to help consumers have a second chance in life. To be able to give them the chance of the American dream and buy a house. Or purchase a car with a lower interest rate thereby lowering their monthly payments and putting the extra money back into the consumer’s pocket.

I believe that bad things happen to good people. I also believe that it is my past that brought be here today to work and help make a difference – one consumer at a time.


Disputing an error only through the credit reporting agencies is generally a temporary deletion as accounts are reported from each creditor monthly. In order to fully and accurately dispute an error on your credit report, it is important to work the account directly through your creditor. Your850 works each account thoroughly, and quickly as permitted by law using the statutes under the Consumer Credit Code giving our customers the permanent true form of credit repair, giving our customers peace of mind.


Our credit experts at your850 understand there are no two situations the same when it comes to credit or finances. Which is why we treat every case differently. We help consumers who have had irrelevant accounts reporting on their credit reports, consumers who have had their rights violated by debt collectors, as well as those who need help contacting their creditors and setting up a payment arrangement on accounts.


your850 is a legitimate credit repair company who does the work on your behalf. We are not in business to collect your data to sell it to third parties. Unlike other organizations who profit more from collecting and selling your information; we simply don’t. Your privacy is our greatest priority. We’re here to help and advocate, not undermine our clients’ trust.



Every consumer can go to www.freecreditreport.com and pull their Experian credit report. Experian’s layout is fairly easy to read and if you have any questions regarding items reporting on your credit report, you can call Experian and may get someone to help you. However; just looking at one credit report will not give you the full story of what you may have going on. It is important for consumers to know what is reporting to all three credit reporting agencies because many creditors only report to one or two of the credit reporting agencies. If you are looking at only your Experian credit report, you may not catch accounts that only report to Trans Union or Equifax that may affect your overall score.

There are many consumers who do not know how to read their credit report, or what the items or accounts mean that are reporting. Here at your850, we offer a credit consultation which includes pulling all three credit reports: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. The specialist will go over every detail of your credit report with you and tell you what accounts may be affecting your credit score and what we may be able to do to help you achieve a higher score. Helping you move closer to achieving your financial goals.

Unfortunately; we live in a day and age of data breaches and hackers which no one is exempt from. The more we become a society of high tech, the higher the risk of having our personal information stolen.  In 2017, Equifax announced a data breach which exposed over 147 million consumers. This data breach opened the doors to your personal information such as social security numbers, date of birth, personal checking accounts, credit cards and more. While Equifax offered their “free monitoring service”, consumers had to sign an arbitration clause stating they will not go after Equifax for any wrong doing. Yep, you read this right. If you signed up for free credit monitoring services through Equifax because of their mistake, then you have to agree to not hold them responsible for anything that could happen to you in the future. Pure ridiculousness and absurdity.

When a data breach of this magnitude happens, the “hackers” will not use or sell your information immediately. It’s like robbing a bank. The bank robber would not use that money right away. They will stash it away for an amount of time before using it. Well, data breaches such as this are not much different. Before the hackers sell it, they will hold on to the data. This could be for months or years. Our guess on something like this is years due to the magnitude of the breach. Which is why it is important to always have your credit monitored.

While you are a customer of your850, we will pay for your credit monitoring. This is done through a reputable third-party company; IdentityIQ. IdentityIQ will notify you of any change that is done to your credit including: newly opened accounts, change of address, public records, and new delinquencies. The monitoring will also keep you informed on updates and the positive impact that your850 is having on your credit. So when you have an account deleted or verified, you will be notified via email from IdentityIQ.

Once we are done with your credit, you will be given the option to continue with credit monitoring. Since you will have been a customer of your850, you will be offered a discount through IdentityIQ. Continuing your credit monitoring service is important as again, we always have the threat of stolen identities. This is a small investment to make for a lot of protection.

There are several reasons consumers have inaccurate accounts reporting on their credit report.

  • Trade items get missed that are to be deleted
  • Accounts are illegally sold to a third party or third placement collection agency
  • Medical collection accounts are still reporting to a credit report due to lack of responsibility of the medical facility or collection agency
  • Identity theft
  • Accounts that are out of statute of limitations

Plus many more.

During the credit consultation, our credit experts will do a deep dive analysis into your personal credit and tell you what can and should be done to improve your credit. We will work your credit file using the statutes under the Consumer Credit Code to make sure that your credit is complete so you do not have any problems in your future as long as you take care of your credit.

When your file is complete, you will receive notices from your creditors stating they are deleting the account, or marked the account as paid in full. We ask that our customers keep these letters for their files in case the disputed account has gone back on to your credit report or is re-sold (illegally) to additional 3rd parties.

We have helped customers who have had their identity stolen from hackers, thieves, and sometimes even other family members. While it may seem as though this is an easy feat, the fact of the matter it is not. The credit card companies and collection agencies want their money and this is all they care about.

If your identity or credit card numbers have been stolen, first try yourself to see what you can get done as far as removing the negative items. Mail a copy of the police report to your creditors showing them your identity has been stolen. If your creditors refuse to work with you or comply with the laws and statutes, then our credit experts will be happy to help you.

your850 is dedicated not only to helping consumers on an individual basis, but educating as many as possible as well.

Credit is not a subject that is taught in high school or even college, but it should be. With the correct understanding and good knowledge of credit and how to use it, credit can be a powerful financial tool.

We will be conducting workshops and seminars around the country teaching consumers everything they need to know regarding credit and finances. If you are interested in attending a workshop or seminar, please let us know. We will be happy to tell you when we will be in your area so you do not miss the opportunity to attend one of these extremely informative events.



Each consumer has a unique situation pertaining to their credit. your850 offers assistance in every area in regards to your credit and financial needs.


We offer consultations for consumers who may have questions as to what trade items are reporting on their credit report. The consultation includes a copy of all three credit reports; Trans Union, Equifax and Experian.


Using the statutes under the Consumer Credit Code, the credit experts at your850 will validate the accounts you are disputing and deem inaccurate. We will also validate any collection agencies that may be attempting to collect the debt are following the laws and regulations set in place for consumers’ protection.


your850 believes knowledge is power in many things. But knowledge in credit can can save a consumer hundreds or thousands of dollars a month or a year. your850 is excited to be conducting workshops and seminars around the country. These workshops will teach consumers of all ages how to protect themselves in case of identity theft, laws which third party collection agencies are to follow and the regulations which the credit reporting agencies are to follow.


When you sign up with your850, we will pay for your credit to be monitored through a credit monitoring service through the duration of your membership with us. This service includes monitoring all three credit reporting agencies; Trans Union, Equifax and Experian.


Have you tried to correct information reporting on your credit report from an identity theft but to no avail? Often times; the credit reporting agencies refuse to remove the accounts which you have proven to be inaccurate and incorrect. We at your850 have created a process that makes the credit reporting agencies act quickly to remove these negative items on your credit report.


Out of thousands of credit repair companies, not one outside of your850 prides themselves on being advocates for consumers. your850 works on behalf of the consumer looking for violations conducted by the banks, collection agencies, and the credit reporting agencies while teaching the customer exactly what we do and how this industry works. We believe the more people we teach, the more we can raise awareness and start making a difference.







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