Contact With a Debt Collector

When you are contacted by a debt collector, they are not allowed to ID themselves as anything but who they really are; debt collectors. They are not lawyers, they are not the police or the local county sheriff. We have legislation that prevents these collectors from being dishonest. These laws are put into place to […]

Americans Still Facing Tough Times for Consumer Credit

Many Americans are still facing tough times when it comes to their credit. New data released by the Federal Reserve shows that consumer borrowing in the United States fell by nearly 20 percent in April, the fastest decline since 1943. reports that the reduction in debt was mirrored by an increase in savings. And […]

Consumer Credit Showing Some Signs of Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic placed historic amounts of stress on consumer credit in the first four months of 2020, but new data suggests that the situation has stabilized, and in some cases has started to recover. However, lower-income households continue to be hard-hit. Forbes reports that according to data released by Dv01, a data provider to […]