PPP Loans Come With Lots of Strings Attached

Small business owners who have applied for and received a Payroll Protection Program loan through their banks or the SBA need to be aware of the rules for those loans established by the SBA and the Treasury Department. NPR reports that while the loans can be forgivable, there are conditions. The major caveat is that […]

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Wells Fargo Suspends Applications For HELOCS

A growing number of banks have suspended applications for new Home Equity Lines of Credit, also known as HELOCS, for the duration of the current economic downturn brought on by the Coronavirus. The latest to make the move is Wells Fargo, according to a report from Forbes. The bank posted a message on its website […]

Banks and Creditors Grabbing Stimulus Checks

You can’t necessarily count on actually getting your federal stimulus check to help you through the COVID-19 crisis. That’s because banks and creditors are in some cases grabbing that money to settle debt, even though they’re not supposed to do so. Television station KOMO reports that, according to Lauren Saunders, Associate Director of the National […]

Get Credit Card Fraud Alerts on Your Mobile Device

Setting up credit card alerts for your phone or tablet may help you catch credit card fraud before it becomes a major problem. Most major banks have a way for you to track card balances and payments on your smartphone. They can also alert you to potentially unauthorized use of your card. Bankrate.com reports that […]

New Jersey Governor Offers Mortgage Payment Forbearance

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (pictured) recently announced that financial institutions will provide mortgage forbearance and financial protections for New Jerseyans who are facing economic hardship as a result COVID-19. “Millions of hardworking New Jerseyans are suffering financial losses through no fault of their own as a result of the economic downturn brought on by […]