Banks Reducing Balance Transfer Offers Amid Fears of Default

We’ve all received offers from a bank or credit card company offering zero percent interest on balance transfers to their card, but that may soon be a thing of the past … or a least much more rare. CNBC reports that many banks are pulling back on such offers amid fears that card holders facing […]

Consumers Increase Use of Debit Cards, Fearing Growing Debt

Consumers are increasingly using debit cards rather the debit cards in an attempt to not spend money they don’t have. And one credit card executive says the shift could reach $100 billion. Business Insider reports that the shift is motivated by the fear of getting deeper in debt during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Oliver […]

When to Apply for a New Credit Card

This may be a good time for consumers to apply for a new credit card despite the economic downturn due to Coronavirus. CNBC reports that new applications for credit cards fell by 40 percent from the first week in March. A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report examining the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic found that […]