Texas Supreme Court Allows Evictions to Resume

A ruling by the Texas Supreme Court will allow evictions and debt collection efforts to resume this week despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Eviction hearings have already resumed, and eviction orders can be issued beginning May 26, according to a report from television station KTRK. However, some tenants who are covered by the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act are still protected. Federal protections will remain in place through August 23. Others may be protected by local orders in cities like Austin, Dallas and San Marcos.

The ruling also allows debt collectors to resume garnishing bank accounts later this month.

The ruling will have a detrimental effect on both tenants and landlords. People evicted from their homes will face homelessness, and landlords will have a glut of unoccupied inventory they are unable to fill.

Christina Rosales, deputy director of the advocacy organization Texas Housers told KTRK that one bright spot in the ruling is that units and buildings that have mortgages backed by the federal government are protected under the CARES Act. The order requires landlords to disclose whether they have such a mortgage.

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