Visa Issues Security Alert

Visa’s payment fraud protection found two breaches in the U.S. at gas stations.The exact locations where the breaches took place are not specified. According to Visa, “the threat actors successfully compromised the merchant’s network through a phishing email that contained a malicious attachment”. Visa is now pushing for fuel dispenser merchants to upgrade their technology to the chip which they claim will lesson the threat of theft. 

While Visa has issued recommendations for merchants to avoid these threats, your850 recommends for consumers to avoid these threats, stop using your PIN number when you are at gas stations, the grocery store or anywhere you use your card. You should always pay using credit. When you pay using your debit card, not only do you increase your chance of stolen credit card information, you also take away your right to dispute a charge. 

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Joey Scharf
Credit expert, all-around relentless consumer advocate and champion for those damaged by the credit industry as a whole. Joey has over 25 years' experience in helping consumers in the credit industry and is passionate about helping people get through some of the hardest financial challenges in life.
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