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Update on Vystar and COVID-19

To help all members across the board, Vystar suspended all loan payments with no strings attached.

Vystar automatically deferred all consumer loans for 60 days, including, auto, boat, credit cards, and line of credit. Vystar will waive all the fees. Vystar said there is no opting out of this and no action is required. They are automatically taking care of this for all of their members. 

Vystar will be doing a 90 day forbearance on mortgage loans. The 90 day payments will be extended onto the end of the loan. If you have a mortgage through Vystar, please reach out to them so you can send them the required documentation. 

Commercial loans will be given a 90 day forbearance on all eligible commercial mortgages. If you have an auto or equipment commercial loan , Vystar will be doing a 60 day deferral. Please contact Vystar for all required documentation for this. Commercial credit card payments will be deferred for 60 days.


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