Your Apple Card may be Hurting Your Credit Score

If you own an Apple Card, you may want to start closely checking your credit reports. Apple is reportedly expanding the number of credit agencies to which is it providing information.

Apple made a deal with Goldman Sachs to provide the card in 2019, according to Appleinsider. Initially, they were reporting card activity only to TransUnion. But recently, Apple Card holders began noticing that their activity was showing up on reports from Experian.

There have been intensified discussions about expanding reporting since October of last year, but a source who wished to remain anonymous told Appleinsider that the reporting mechanism was already “effectively done”. While initially, the reporting only affected some customers, but the source said when it is fully deployed, “everything will be reported.”

Goldman Sachs confirmed that it began reporting to TransUnion in December, but did not reference other agencies. The reports of activity showing up on Experian reports seems to suggest that they are now reporting to other credit bureaus. However, it is not yet known if Equifax is also getting the information.

As with all cards, the effect on your credit score depends on your history of use and payments related to the card. Depending on that information, your score may change in a positive or negative way.

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